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2Toms BlisterShield Blister Prevention powder formula creates an almost frictionless surface on foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Targets the Friction that Causes Blisters, All Day Protection With Single Application, Waterproof, Won’t Melt, Non-Staining, Non-Greasy, Works Immediately, Unconditionally guaranteed, Removed with soap and water, Ideal for use in shoes, boots and gloves, Creates an almost friction-less surface on the foot, When applied to the foot, it repels moisture, keeping skin dry and blister-free, Works for lengthy periods of activity, Significantly reduces discomfort and fatigue, Increased performance, Pleasurable exercise experience. HOW TO APPLY: For best results, wash and thoroughly dry your feet before applying BlisterShield, blister prevention product. Wiping alcohol between toes after drying also helps reduce moisture. Pour one level teaspoonful of BlisterShield into each sock. Shake the socks to spread the powder uniformly. For added blister protection, apply additional BlisterShield behind your heel after the sock is on. INGREDIENTS: PTFE, PE Wax, 70g of 2Toms BlisterShield Powder and 1 Scoop